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Lex Rozell
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Lex Rozell perfect album, three faces takes me to a new Brunswick basement and brings me vehement feelings of solace TY xo Favorite track: Three Faces.
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Recorded between October 2016 to June 2017 in Bayville, NJ and Baltimore, MD

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Dominick Diglio Sr., Frances Diglio, Rosanne Diglio and Dominic Diglio Jr.


released September 13, 2017

Dominick John Diglio; guitars, vocals, bass on "Untitled #1"
Matthew Wittig; bass, cover design
Jamie Salazar; drums, recording and production

Special thanks to Jana Hunter for additional guitar, additional production and mixing

All songs written by Dominick John Diglio


all rights reserved



Holy Gifts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"All at once is what Eternity is." -- K.P.

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Track Name: Plastic Mary
Well, she stands
Upon the ledge
Drawing nearer
To the edge

And she lives
Quite peacefully
Amongst the snake
And the apple tree

And her stare
It breaks the ground
As your world
Is tumbling down

All your troubles
All your lies
She expels
With a watching eye

Well she knows
What you hold
What your heart
says to soul
Track Name: Crybaby
Cry baby cry
have yourself a tantrum
Banging both your wrists
on your tiny tin drum
Crocodile tears
fall from your cheekbones
Your mouth is dancing
to the saddest mending moan

Not even you
Knows which way the love goes
To the top of the rock
Or to the soil deep below

Cry baby cry
Talk all your teeth out
They ran upon the floor
Like a rattle with the beads about
You're talking backwards
A serpent of a mantra
you spin like a carousel
You can't control it can't ya

Not even you
knows which way the life goes
To the top of the rock
Or to the soil deep below
Track Name: Three Faces
When you open your eyes
you find what to believe
And how to die
Oh let go
With no wonder why
Oh reflect and you shall see

When you part your lips
you taste freedom
From the tangible world
Oh kiss, your lover, kiss
Lovelessly love and simply sigh

When you withdraw the breath
You reflect mercy
to the child in you
Oh rejoice, infant, rejoice
Oh blessed be the heart
Track Name: Worry
The cloth is made with no pockets
So don't hold on
Kingdom of your voice
Echoing loud and strong
Beautiful child
Just relax and open up your heart
Thinking so bad when you truly are
The pole apart

Don't worry, there's no worry
this too shall fade in the end
Don't worry, there's no worry
You'll get there
When you can

Your eyes are dim
But your mind is curled up in flames
Kettle of your skull makes the meal
Of which the soul sustains
And while you're cooking, shine your teeth
The only bones that show
It's all that matters
In the moment of the afterglow

Don't worry, there's no worry
This too shall fade in the end
Don't worry, there's no worry
You've reached your home blindfolded

Now you've done all that
you've have been meant to do
Heres the question
is there more of that which lies in you?
Track Name: Untitled #1
Mama I know why you sleep
The heart is strong but your body's weak
Love in your eyes and death in your bones
Your freedom's tied to crying alone

It's alright, mama
Don't you cry
your baby's dine
Go and find
Break off your shackles
Beak off your chains
Immolate all that remains

Johnny, I know why you run
The darkness of youth runs undone
The smirk of your mouth, the tales of your lips
You think you're clean but your life's a fix

It's alright, Johnny
Don't you try
Everyone's fine
Go out, don't find
Take off the worry, take off the paint
We're all okay, just go away
Track Name: Everything
Kissing the light
of the Saturday night
Finish your drink and smile
Get ready to die

You smile to love
The reminiscent of
the beautiful past
it don't last
Get ready to fall

You run out the door
Don't expect anymore
you scream and cry
you're alive
Get ready to kill

Everything happens for reasons
What control do you have
Something turns always to nothing
And returns to everything then

Kissing the light
of the Saturday night
Finish your drink and smile
Get ready to live

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